Preparing Your Commercial Property for a Drain Pipe Repair

Preparing Your Commercial Property for a Drain Pipe Repair

Over time, your drain pipes will wear down, eventually prompting the need for pipe repair in Tacoma, WA. When this happens, certain preparations are required, especially if the repairs are to be done on a commercial property. These extra steps will help speed up the process and will minimize disruptions to your business operations.

So while the drain pipe repair experts at Nu Flow AK will go above and beyond to ensure that the repairs go smoothly, there are ways you can contribute to the prompt and efficient completion of the project.

Clear the Working Area

Emergency pipe repair situations can be counted as an exception, but scheduled sewer pipe repair services generally require a small degree of preparation on the property owner’s end. Nothing major or too inconvenient, as you only need to clear the area around the drain pipes (all while being careful, of course) so that our team can set up and begin work as soon as we arrive.

Tell Your Neighbors Beforehand 

Since your property is likely in a public space, it would help to inform nearby businesses prior to the pipe rehabilitation project. Your clientele will also appreciate a prior notice so that they can come back when business operations are at full capacity. Our repair crew will take care of putting up the signages to let passersby know that there is ongoing work.

Disclose Crucial Information

Knowing about previous repairs and issues with your drain pipes can help us tackle the drain and sewer pipe repair process more efficiently and prudently. When we have the pertinent information regarding your drains and pipes, we’ll be better equipped to address any issues moving forward.

Nu Flow AK will be doing all the sewer pipe repair work, but these little things are greatly appreciated. After all, we know that you’ve got a business to run!

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