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Potable Water Line Services in Everett, WA

Pipes are in charge of very important things, one of which is to deliver safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, or other processes that often end in consumption. Whenever you are dealing with a damaged potable water line, or any other type of pressurized pipe system, Nu Flow AK is the specialized contractor to call on. We are your local source for potable water pipe replacement and installation service in the local area.

Our potable water line services are important because of the health and safety risks that often go along with potable water pipe issues. Nu Flow AK services and repairs commercial potable water lines. When possible, we also use patented products and innovative technologies to restore business drinking water lines, pressurized pipes (such as fire suppression and HVAC systems) and potable systems, particularly in:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Other Educational Institutions
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Municipal Structures

A Complete Range of Commercial Potable Water Line Services

Take note that the Nu Flow epoxy barrier coating that we utilize is UL classified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and is approved and UPC- listed. In addition, it most recently garnered the WaterMark Technical Specification WMTS – 511:2014.

A comprehensive inspection is what we do to get started with potable water line repair or replacement. The results allow our technicians to determine the most appropriate techniques to use. Since drinking water lines are typically smaller, it's often necessary to apply the epoxy material with compressed air.

Proper Installation

Our innovative, cost-effective potable water installation methods are equally efficient and just as minimally disruptive for your business. We install drinking water lines in any space where consumable water needs to be accessed.

Quick Replacement

Should we determine that potable water line replacement is the better option, we will recommend a way to achieve this goal that minimizes disruptions as much as possible. When the work is done, you'll have a new potable system you can count on.

Reliable Repair

We perform potable water line repair in Everett, WA, through an epoxy resin material if pressurized lines are behind walls or ceilings. This is done to allow for proper application when space is limited.

Issues We Address for Businesses

Drinking water pipes, fire suppression systems, and those found on HVAC lines are pressurized, but there is such a thing as too much water pressure. In fact, this is one of the issues we address with potable water lines – damage from excess water pressure. These pipes can also be affected by wear and corrosion, lack of upkeep, age, seasonal changes, and weak or loose joints and other connections. Our local team can address all these issues along with anything else that can crack, weaken, or damage these pipes and compromise your operations.

4 Signs You Need Nu Flow AK Services

  1. Bad-tasting or discolored water
  2. Leaks, especially around pipe joints or connections
  3. Pooled water under the bathroom or kitchen sinks
  4. Water bills that are suddenly higher than usual

Contact Us for Potable Water Line Services Today

Whether it's potable water installation or repair that you need from Nu Flow AK, know that every member of our team is ready to get to work for you. We'll size up the situation, discuss your options, and recommend a long-term solution for your business.

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