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Pipe Repair in Tacoma, WA

Damaged pipes can certainly be a reason for emergency pipe repair. Other times, a problem may only be discovered or become apparent during a routine inspection or if you are seeing some unusual signs suggesting there's an issue. Regardless of why your pipes need attention, rest assured that Nu Flow AK is here to help with pipe repair solutions that are fast, efficient, and good for your budget, property, and landscape.

At Nu Flow AK, our goal with commercial drain and sewer pipe repair is to offer the no-dig solution that is right for the situation.


  • Most repairs to pipes can be completed within an agreed-upon time
  • Warranty coverage up to 50 years*
  • No unnecessary expenses
  • Equally fast and effective camera inspections to identify pipe issues
  • The ability to apply our repair techniques to all types of pipes, including storm and roof drain lines and pipes used for HVAC or fire suppression systems

*Terms and conditions apply.

How Pipe Repair Works

We repair broken sewer, drainage, and potable water and pressurized pipes with trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods. With trenchless options, we typically recommend CIPP or cured-in-place piping for exterior or sewer pipe repair.

Common Issues Requiring Pipe Repair

Tree roots can get into very small openings and cause big damage over time. And this is exactly why tree root damage is a common reason to need sewer or drain pipe repair in Tacoma, WA. Commercial pipes may also need repaired by the Nu Flow AK team due to age-related wear-and-tear or corrosion. Pipes can also be affected by misaligned joints, small gaps, or damage accelerated by pipe scale or accumulated debris.

Pipe Issue Red Flags among Businesses

  1. Rising utility bills
  2. Visible leaks on or around pipes
  3. Mold, musty odors, moisture where it shouldn't be, foundation issues, and other signs of hidden leaks
  4. Repeated issues with backed up or clogged drains

Contact Us Today for Top-Notch Pipe Repair Services

Nu Flow AK gives your business access to innovative, versatile, and fully tested products that include Nu Line, Nu Drain, and Nu Tube. When possible, we use these patented Nu Flow products to improve the results of our pipe rehabilitation methods. Contact us today to explore our commercial pipe restoration services and solutions in Tacoma, WA. We look forward to working with your business soon.

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