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Drain Cleaning in Washington State

Looking to address clog issues? Make Nu Flow AK your preferred drain cleaning company. Our trained technicians regularly meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in The Evergreen State. We use innovations that include Nu Drain structural lining technology to keep drain lines flaw-free and flowing.

Nu Flow AK is a specialized contractor with the tools, resources, and skills required to clean all types of drains in commercial and residential properties, businesses, and municipalities. Drain cabling or snaking can be effective for smaller or minor clogs. A more powerful method we often use is hydro jetting to remove even the biggest blockage obstructing your pipes. We offer cleaning services in the entire state of Washington, particularly:

  • Kent, WA
  • Renton, WA

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Pipes don't always reveal their "secrets" when it comes to what might be going on and causing issues. However, there are some signs that can be red flags indicating it's time for our drain cleaning services.

Notice any of these?

  • Multiple drains that are clogged
  • Unusual and foul drain odors
  • Drains that take too long to discard water
  • Recurring clogs or backups

Our Cleaning Methods and Processes

Our method of drain cleaning in Bellevue, WA, and nearby areas will depend on several factors. These include the nature of the blockage or clog, the location of the problem area in your complex or building, and the overall structural strength and integrity of your drain lines. Our team will find out for sure what you're dealing with by conducting a precise inspection of the affected drain(s) first.

In some cases, drain augering or snaking may be all that's needed. Other times, however, a more comprehensive cleaning is imperative. Nu Flow AK offers hydro jetting service for these situations. Hydro or pipe jetting uses water that can get up to or exceed 4000 PSI along with a precision-engineered nozzle to clear away debris, tree roots, and pipe scale.

3 Ways Businesses Benefits from Drain Cleaning:

  1. Help you avoid costly property damage due to dirty and clogged drains
  2. Reduce the odds of sudden clogs or messy backups
  3. Ensure the longevity/durability of your drains

Contact our Commercial Drain Cleaning Team Today

Nu Flow AK is the drain cleaning team to call on for proven, effective drain clearing solutions for your business. Our specialized contractors are sure to keep your drains free of obstructions and performing at full functionality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, get a quote, or learn more about our drain cleaning services.

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