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Potable Water Line Services in Tacoma, WA

The pipes that give your commercial property its water endure a lot of stress, pressure, and are used pretty much every single day. This is why it is quite common to have a damaged potable water line that needs immediate attention. If this is what you need from Nu Flow AK, rest assured that we offer fast, efficient solutions your company is sure to appreciate. We're also the specialized contractor to call on in the local area when potable water lines need to be replaced or installed. Our services are also applicable to a host of pressurized pipes, including fire suppression systems and HVAC lines.

Understanding Potable Water Lines

Potable water lines are the pipes that bring water directly into a business and connect to faucets, HVAC, fire suppression systems, and more. Because these lines are pressurized, they can develop pinhole leaks or be affected by other issues. Should this be the case, our patented Nu Flow technologies and proven repair methods can restore your commercial property’s potable water lines with minimal fuss and maximum results.

Symptoms of potable water line issues to look for include:

  • Water that suddenly has a bad smell or taste
  • Discolored water coming from faucets
  • Leaks under sinks or other places where drinking water lines are located
  • Puddled water in areas where water lines enter your inside spaces or around areas where they connect

All commercial potable water lines can be affected by everything from regular wear from years of use to improper installation, rust, freezing, corrosion, and pipe scale. We also address potable water line issues involving worn or damaged joints and damage from water pressure that's too high.

A Variety of Potable Water Line Services for Your Commercial Property

When it comes to potable water line services in Tacoma, WA, trust only Nu Flow AK. Reach out to our team for:


If potable water installation is needed, we'll put together a personalized plan to make sure that the installation process goes smoothly from start to finish.


We will arrive quickly to diagnose the problem. The affected pipe will be inspected to determine which approach to potable water line repair is right for the situation.


Potable water line replacement is sometimes the better option. This is often the case if a drinking water line is older, needing more repairs, or severely damaged. We use replacement methods that are as minimally invasive as possible or your company’s benefit.

Our Approach to Repairs

For smaller water pipes, we may opt to blow the epoxy material into the affected line to create a thin, durable internal coating. What this does is allow our technicians to work in smaller spaces and still cover any flaws or holes. Potable water line repair for larger pipes may be done with a flexible liner that's used to apply the resin coating. We are proud to say that the Nu Flow epoxy barrier coating that we use is UL classified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and is approved and UPC- listed. Furthermore, it recently received the WaterMark Technical Specification WMTS – 511:2014.

Let Us Address Your Potable Water Line Needs Today

Give our local pros a call or reach out to us online via our contact form. We'll make recommendations in line with your business’ needs and budget. Reach out to Nu Flow AK today for our potable water line services.

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