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Pipe Repair in Seattle, WA

No news is not necessarily good news when it comes to commercial pipes. Whether a problem is discovered during a routine camera inspection or grabs your attention in other ways, Nu Flow AK is here to help. We are a specialized contractor that gives companies and businesses easy and affordable access to pipe restoration solutions, technologies, and services.

While our innovative, no-dig approach to sewer pipe repair or our internal pipe coating certainly has the advantage of being a cost-effective, minimally disruptive way to benefit your business.

How Pipe Repair Works

At Nu Flow AK, we repair all types of pipes with diameters up to 12 inches. Our approach to commercial pipe repair in Seattle, WA, will depend on the situation. In order to determine what's going on within a pipe that needs to be repaired, our licensed and insured technicians will first do a full inspection.

For smaller pipes or ones in tighter locations with a limited work area, we typically use a combination of liquid epoxy and compressed air to seal cracks and holes. If we determine that the damaged pipe is not stable enough or simply too outdated, we still ensure efficient solutions for pipe rehabilitation. Rest assured that our team will prioritize minimizing the mess and the downtime so you can go back to your business operations without having to worry about further pipe issues.

Benefits for Your Commercial Property

  • Increased pipe strength and capacity
  • The ability to restore both pressurized and non-pressurized pipes
  • Use of specialized equipment
  • Reduced margin of error

Common Issues Requiring Pipe Repair

Cracks are one of the top reasons to need sewer or drain pipe repair. Damage from tree root intrusions, corrosion, age-related structural weakness, and those associated with ground or soil shifting are some of the other issues that often require pipe repair.

For routine or emergency pipe repair, get in touch with Nu Flow AK when you notice discolored water, backed-up drains, excessively wet spots in your yard, unexpectedly rising utility bills, and unusual odors or pipe sounds.

Contact Us Today

For worry-free drain and sewer pipe repair services, Nu Flow AK is the company to call on. We have the resources and skills necessary to diagnose and resolve a wide range of commercial pipe issues, including ones involving larger-scale commercial pipes that need to be restored or repaired. Contact our local specialists today by calling us or filling out the online form and schedule an appointment with our team. We look forward to addressing your drain and sewer pipe needs right away.

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