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A Full Suite of Nu Flow AK Products

Nu Flow AK is a specialized contractor that takes pride in delivering lasting, cost-effective results. We utilize the latest Nu Flow technologies to improve flow rates, streamline the pipe restoration process, and achieve results that offer long-term value for countless businesses. Our primary Nu Flow AK products are:

Nu Line - This is an epoxy coating system that allows us to coat pipes ranging in diameter from 1/2 to 12 inches. The epoxies used are manufactured by Nu Flow and ideal for correcting damage from wear and corrosion and resolving issues with pinhole leaks.

Main Benefits:

  • Epoxy materials that meet/exceed industry and performance standards
  • A life expectancy that exceeds 50 years
  • An ability to prevent future pinhole leaks and protect water from heavy metals

Nu Line epoxies are also cost-effective, safe and durable, and highly versatile with application possibilities. Additionally, our epoxy lining process reduces downtime and disruption to water services.

Nu Drain - This is Nu Flow's patented, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system. It includes an epoxy-coated pipe liner that allows for jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a pipe repair. Our patented liner results in a non-invasive repair process ideal for deteriorated or damaged pipes affected by leaks, blockages, calcium buildup, or water damage.

Main Benefits:

  • Prevention of root intrusions and leaks
  • Increased flow capacity
  • No excavation or surface disruptions necessary
  • The structural strength of new pipes
  • A long-lasting alternative to traditional repair/replacement

Nu Drain is also great for the environment since the original pipe is spared and there's no digging. Our lining system works well on virtually all types of commercial pipes.

Nu Tube - This is our inversion material product line that is powered by Gadmon Industries. Nu Tube products used at Nu Flow AK include resins that offer longer working times and shorter ambient curing times. Our Nu Tube system also meets all industry requirements for drain lining.

Companion Products

  1. Mini and standard tank inverters
  2. The Infinity Inverter, which allows for roll-out from a single-entry access point
  3. The smaller Nu Flow Plastic Inverter to help with the release of plastic into the felt

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