Signs of a Damaged Potable Water Line

Drain Pipe Issues You Should Know

There are two systems that make up a pipe network: the potable water line, and the sewer line. Portable water lines supply safe water that is suitable for general use in the building, particularly for drinking purposes. Water in these pipe lines utilizes just the right amount of pressure, allowing it to reach the taps and other fixtures in your property. When you’re encountering issues with your drinking water supply, your potable water line might be damaged, either from faulty initial potable water line installation or normal wear and tear.

Luckily, the efficient potable water line services in Tacoma, WA from Nu Flow AK can help address these issues. A damaged potable water line will usually exhibit some of the signs given below.

Indoor Water Leaks

There are several ways to identify if water from your potable water line is leaking. You can inspect your floor walls and ceiling, and if you notice excess moisture, it might be a sign of a water leak. Low water pressure may also be a sign of a main water line leak. If you notice any of these signs, you should shut off your main valve and contact us for potable water line repair.

Discolored Water

A broken underground water pipe can result in dirt infiltrating your potable water line. Discolored water could indicate that soil and dirt are seeping through cracks on your pipes. It could also be a sign of corrosion in your pipes, and the rust is causing the discoloration. Both cases can make your water unsafe for drinking and cooking. This creates the need for a potable water line replacement.

Outdoor Water Leaks

For water pipes that run underneath your property, soggy soil may be an indicator of a damaged water line. This is primarily accurate if there hasn’t been any rain or sprinklers active in your compound. You should contact our professionals to fix this problem before dangerous sinkholes form on the wet ground.

Keeping an eye out for any signs of possible leakage helps you avoid potential damage to your property. Contact Nu Flow AK for potable water line installation or any other problems you may experience.

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