Surprising Things That Cause Drain Clogs

Surprising Things That Cause Drain Clogs

Drain clogs in sewer lines are somewhat rare, but they do happen. They can cause severe damage to your sewer line, and it’s crucial that you get removed before they cause further damage. They can cause backflow, bursts, and even collapse on the pipes.

Some of the culprits of drain clogs, however, can surprise you. Nu Flow AK, the leading name in pipe repair in Tacoma, WA, highlights some of the most surprising things that cause drain clogs.

Fats and Grease

You might think that since grease is liquid, it will easily lush down the drain. However, grease isn’t like water; it is sticky. It will stick on the pipes. It will also stick to other waste materials making bigger clogs. These clogs can be quite stubborn and difficult to remove. You’ll need the help of pipe rehabilitation services to flush them out.


Rats and mice are not only a threat to ruin your furniture but your drains as well. They can get in your drains and get stuck there. They’ll then prevent the seamless flow in your drains. Rats are not the only culprits. Even snakes that end up in your drain can cause drain clogs. That’s why it is advisable to hire emergency pipe repair to check your drains’ condition.


When hair accumulates in your drain, it creates a slow flow which can ultimately lead to blockage. What ends up in the drain can be as natural as the ones that come off your head. However, male sure that you prevent hair from entering sinks as much as possible. For instance, discard the hair in a bin when shaving. You can install drain screens as well to catch hair.

Disposable Wipes

Unlike toilet paper, disposable wipes don’t break up when flushed. They accumulate in your pipes, causing blockages. You’ll notice slow flow or backflows where there is a significant clog. While some DIY tricks can serve temporary solutions, hiring pipe restoration specialists is the best thing to help remove the clogs from your drain.

Now that you have learned some of the surprising things that can cause drain clogs, it is important to avoid them getting into your drain. When you notice a slow flow, hire drain pipe repair services to help you flush out the clogs before the damages become severe.

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