Why Trenchless Services Are a Popular Option Among Commercial Property Owners

Why Trenchless Services Are a Popular Option Among Commercial Property Owners

Running a business entails making crucial choices on a regular basis. Every decision has to be carefully considered with the venture in mind. But if there’s one decision that business owners can make with ease, it’s choosing trenchless sewer repair in Bellevue, WA as their preferred sewer repair method.

At Nu Flow AK, we mainly use trenchless pipe repair methods for commercial properties due to a couple of reasons. Coincidentally, these reasons are also why commercial entities also prefer trenchless services.

Saves Time

Time is an essential aspect of effective business operations. No business owner wants to waste a lot of time doing repairs while they could be doing something constructive. Traditional methods of pipe repair can take up to three days to complete since it involves digging up trenches. On the other hand, trenchless methods such as trenchless pipe bursting can be completed in as early as half a day to a day at most. The time-saving aspect makes trenchless services the better choice. After all, time is money.


Speaking of money, commercial property owners generally want to manage and direct their financial resources to the important aspects of their business. Sewer problems can take up much of your budget if you’re not careful with the methods of repair or replacements you choose. Trenchless sewer replacement or repairs don’t require a large crew as extensive digging is eliminated. So with trenchless methods, you’ll be able to save on labor costs.

Convenient and Reliable

Before the introduction of trenchless solutions, pipe repair and replacement services meant that the property had to be dug up so that the technicians can access the pipes that need to be fixed. Needless to say, business operations would have to be suspended. However, with trenchless pipe replacement there’s minimal disruption, so it’s business as usual.

So if you’re a commercial property owner and are encountering issues with your sewer system, consider the trenchless methods of repair from us. Nu Flow AK is ready to serve you 24/7. Contact us today for more information.

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