Common Commercial Sewer Issues

Common Commercial Sewer Issues

Sewer issues in commercial areas can have diverse effects on the health and life of affected people. Sewer issues can range from minor to severe but it’s always best to have professionals assess them.

As the expert in trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA, Nu Flow has compiled the common commercial sewer issues we address with our clients. Take note so you can take the proper preventive measures.

Buildup of Grease or Food

Most of the waste from commercial kitchens and restaurants ends up in the sewer lines. Even small-scale kitchens installed with garbage disposal systems release huge chunks of waste in these lines. Grease, solid foods, and coffee grounds are among the most common. Most of these will congeal and clog drainage pipes requiring trenchless pipe replacement or repairs.

Blockage by Foreign Objects

Foreign objects in the sewer lines. Sanitary towels, cotton swabs, paper towels, and all manner of waste can clog the system and cause overflow and other problems. Such issues can have serious effects on the condition of the sewer lines. If not solved early, they could affect overall system performance. Experts can offer high-end trenchless pipe repair to get such issues resolved to ensure smooth flow and efficiency in your sewer lines.

Collapsed and Broken Sewer Lines

Your drain and sewer lines will sustain all sorts of damages owing to thaw cycles, tree root penetration, or ground movement. When sewer lines get damaged, they might cause surrounding water to saturate, consequently increasing thawing and freezing. Your best bet would be to hire an experienced technician to conduct thorough and efficient sewer replacement to resolve any significant damage to the sewer line.

In the commercial setting, the condition of drain and sewer lines could have a significant impact on the immediate premises. For the best trenchless pipe bursting services, contact the expert team of Nu Flow AK.

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