Environmental Factors That Cause The Most Damage to Your Pipes

Environmental Factors That Cause The Most Damage to Your Pipes

The sewer line is an integral part of your home’s plumbing system, as it transports all wastewater produced in your home. At Nu Flow AK, we provide reliable and affordable trenchless pipe lining in Everett, WA to cater to and solve your pipe woes.

Here’s a breakdown of the various environmental factors that cause the most damage to your pipes.

Freeze and Thaw Cycles

Rapid freezing and thawing cycles can spell doom for your pipes. It can cause your pipes to crack, leading to leaks. If this occurs, your best recourse is to call an expert for CIPP lining. DIY solutions may be tempting, but it’s important to remember that only certified industry professionals can offer permanent solutions.

Tree Roots

Trees are a perfect addition to your property’s landscape as they add aesthetic appeal. In addition, they provide shade and shelter. However, their roots can be disastrous to your pipes. Roots can invade your pipes in search of nutrients and water, causing blockages and leaks.

Excessive Mineral Content and High Water Table

Properties near a water body, such as a river, can experience soil with excessive mineral concentrations and excessive water table. Metal pipes can become oxidized by these minerals. Epoxy pipe lining is an ideal solution for restoring pipes that have suffered damage due to corrosion and rust.

Shifting Soil

Over time, the soil surrounding your sewer line can slightly shift. This may cause the pipes to crack, develop bellies, and even collapse. Although shifting ground is a factor that’s beyond your control, you can prevent your pipes from collapsing by having experts inspect and tune up your sewer system.

Although there are countless options for pipe lining companies in Everett, WA, it’s imperative to trust a reliable contractor like Nu Flow AK. We offer professional and cost-effective trenchless pipe lining solutions that fix all your pipe issues once and for all.

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