Warning Signs of a Damaged Potable Water Line

leaking water line

Potable water systems are essential to our everyday lives, as they provide us with a source of fresh and clean drinking water. However, if one of these systems is damaged, it can be incredibly dangerous to human health. For this reason, commercial property owners should have an idea regarding the warning signs of a cracked or damaged potable water line so that they know the appropriate steps to take if damage is detected.

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Cloudy, Tarry, Or Foul-Smelling Water

Cloudy water is a sign of a dented potable water line. It’s caused by rust particles that are present in the water. If the corrosion is severe, it will typically require a potable water line replacement so your access to safe and clean water is restored.

Low Water Pressure

In most cases, if your water pressure is low on a regular basis and you’re not sure why, then there’s a chance that your potable water line may be damaged and there is a need for potable water line repair. A burst pipe can cause low water pressure, or it can also be caused by sediment buildup in the pipes, which is quite common especially in older pipes where debris accumulation tended to be greater.

Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe is caused when there’s an exposed cut or break in the pipe, sustained either during the potable water line installation or after, that allows air to get into the line and cause it to lose pressure. Preventing potential property damage by keeping an eye out for any indicators of leakage is essential.

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