When to Schedule Potable Water Line Replacement

When to Schedule Potable Water Line Replacement

A potable water line is a pipe that supplies drinking water from a municipal supply to your home or commercial property. It can also be used for irrigation purposes or other needs. You might need it repaired due to leaks, corrosion, age, and so on. However, potable water line services in Seattle, WA such as a water line replacement, is always worth considering, especially when you start noticing these issues.

When Water Starts to Smell or Becomes Discolored

Several signs indicate that it’s time to schedule a potable water line replacement. Chief among these signs is when there’s discoloration or a foul smell coming from your water. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as contamination and corrosion of the water line. Either way, these issues warrant prompt attention.

Major Leaks

Incessant and heavy leaking can indicate that you’ve got a damaged potable water line that warrants a repair or, if the damage is severe, a replacement. Look out for indications such as texture changes, water pooling, and discoloration on the walls where the water lines run.

Changes in Water Pressure

Potable water line repair or replacement might be necessary if you notice any changes in the water pressure. Be on the lookout if your taps or faucets are only producing a trickle of water even when they’re opened all the way. This could be happening due to corrosion of the pipe. A shift in the water pressure may also just mean that certain segments or portions of your potable water line needs to be tightened or adjusted.

Aging Water Line

Potable water lines can last up to 70 years. That is, if potable water line installation and maintenance are done properly. However, you can have your potable water lines replaced even before they reach the end of their service life. You can do so when you notice all of the above-mentioned issues all at once or at an increasingly frequent rate.

Regardless of which signs appear first or when they happen, replacing your water line is inevitable. This is a vital part of staying safe and healthy in the home.

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