Why Trenchless Pipe Repair Is Cost-Effective

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No property owner wishes to hear that their sewer pipe system is damaged and need repairs, mainly because repairs typically mean expenses, which are mostly unplanned and thus likely not budgeted for. But before the panic about how much pipe repairs will cost sets in, there’s good news. Nu Flow AK offers trenchless sewer repair in Bellevue, WA – a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe repairs.

With trenchless pipe repair services gaining mainstream prominence, you may be wondering whether it is really an economical pipe restoration option, and if so, then how.

Less Labor and Shorter Project Duration

The trenchless pipe replacement technique is cost-effective because it only requires a small crew working within a short time. The crew is typically made up of not more than five technicians at a time. Even so, the results are always durable and efficient and quality is not compromised. This juts means that a smaller workforce and a short working period means the labor costs are substantially lower.

Everything Above the Ground Remains Intact

When carrying out trenchless sewer replacement, technicians utlilize existing access point and thus eliminates the need for extensive excavation. Your lawn and landscaping will also remain intact, saving you from incurring additional landscape restoration costs.

Retain Existing Pipes

The trenchless pipe repairs, which can involve methods such as trenchless pipe bursting, retains existing pipes because the affected pipe is repaired from the inside using a resin material that hardens and turns into a pipe within a pipe. Resin materials used in lining pipes are always durable, and you end up with more robust pipes that can last for 50 more years.

Essentially, getting trenchless pipe repair done might be the last time you’ll have to pay for pipe rehabilitation – helping you save thousands of dollars on repairs.

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